B o o k B u i l d e r  O n e  S p e c s


8' Long X 4' Deep X 40" High

1,500 #

Single Platform on Casters

Functional Modules Individually Removable for repair/upgrade


110 VAC Single Phase - 20 Amps

Print Systems:

Black & White Printing:

600X600 DPI Resolution

40 Impressions per Minute (IPM)

System has capacity to add 2nd printer to achieve 80 IPM

Paper Sizes: up to 8-1/2X11

Weights: 24 lb.


PostScript Level 2, HP-GL 7475A/7550/

DraftMaster, HP PCL 5e/GL2, Lineprinter,

bi-level CCITT Group 3 and Group 4

compressed TIFF, CALS Raster,

PostScript Level 2/CCITT

Color Cover Printing:

1200X1200 DPI Resolution

Paper Sizes:

Up to 13" x 19"

Weights: 20 lb. bond to 110 lb. index


Standard: PostScript Level 2, PCL 5c/GL2, HP-GL

7475A/7550/DraftMaster, and line printer

Optional: LN03 Plus, CCITT, CGM, XES (b/w only)

Typical Color Cover Print Speed: 3 Minutes / Cover


Perfect Binder/Trimmer

Min Book Size: 6" High X 4" Wide X 3/8" Thick

Max Book Size: 11-1/2" High X 8-1/2" Wide X 1-1/2" Thick

Rated Speed: 1 Book/Minute


400 Mhz CPU

256 MB main memory

11.9 GB system disk drive

1.44 MB floppy disk drive

EIDE 36x CD-ROM drive

17" color display

Keyboard, mouse

10/100 Ethernet interface

Windows NT Operating System


On Demand Machine Corporation  |  P.O. Box 220155  |  St. Louis, Missouri 63122