How It Works


B o o k M a c h i n e

The BookMachine is an automated device that can produce a soft-cover, perfect bound, standard-format book on customer demand within three to five minutes. The information and material to produce the book is contained within the BookMachine (10'X3'X4') enclosure. The electronic information for printing frequently requested books can be cached in the BookMachine. The system also provides continual maintenance 7/24 and will have a central storage facility that will contain hundreds of thousands of book titles. Upon customer selection, the local BookMachine will request a specific title from the master database, which will then be transmitted back to the local machine for reproduction.

Daily summary statements can be sent to the publisher. Weekly or monthly statistical reports on book popularity and regional preferences can also be compiled for publishers to provide feedback on advertising efforts.

In operation, the book purchaser sits at the customer console and selects books by title, by author, or by subject from menus presented on the screen. The selection is made by touching the screen at the appropriate spot. The BookMachine, from its local memory, will present a full-color, high-resolution picture of the finished book. The customer, by placing his finger at the upper right-hand corner of the book image can, through animation, open the book cover by moving his or her finger to the left. He or she can page forward and backward throught the first five or six introductory pages, credits, table of contents and so on. By touching the appropriate spot on the screen the customer can request a synopsis, a biography of the author or recent book reviews. After an appropriate time lapse, the BookMachine will ask if the customer is interested in purchasing the book. If the answer is "yes," it will ask whether payment will be by cash or credit card. If the credit card option is selected, the customer will be instructed to insert his credit card. The BookMachine will automatically check the credit and, if it is approved, tell the customer to step to the delivery tray of the machine and wait for his book. At the time the order for a book is placed, the machine will also give the length of manufacturing time in minutes. If the customers indicate they will be purchasing with cash, the machine will alert a clerk who will take the cash shown on the clerk's screen and instruct the machine to produce the book.


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