How It Works


B o o k M a c h i n e

Ordering from the BookMachine is simple and quick

1. the customer uses a touch screen display to select a book by author, title, subject matter or publisher. After making a selection, the order is transmitted via a satellite dish to an orbiting satellite that beams the order to the main computer library in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

2. The textual content of the book is sent via satellite to the control and production units of the BookMachine. The units can be located in the store or in a back room. The customer can now inspect on the display the contents of the book and "open" a few pages to see if it is the right book. Using a credit card, the customer places an order.

3. The BookMachine's production unit has two high-speed laser printers that print text and a full-color printer for the paperback covers. Covers and pages are then bound together, with the entire process taking five minutes. By eliminating shipping and storage costs the book can be sold at it's normal price.


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